Hot Yoga

Oxygenyogaandfitnessabby offers a wide range of yoga classes, intense fun and effective fitness fusion classes and workshops. Our approach is student-centered and intensely reflective.

We offer hot Yoga for beginners, workshops with national and international teachers and Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher training programs. WE DON’T OFFFER TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMS, morning practice sessions etc. We are well-known as hot yoga experts in Canada and our aim is to support you in nurturing your mind, spirit, and body by clearly guiding you via yoga that is enjoyable, skillful and intelligent.
We also provide far infrared heated classes and it is a natural way to eliminate pains, aches from fibromyalgia, arthritis or any other kind of health disorders. Benefits of this Hot Yoga are it reduces fatigue and stress, burns a lot of calories in as little as 30 minutes, faster way to heal injuries, eases stiffness and joint pain, deep cleanses skin, increases metabolism, improves the immune system, eliminates toxins, metals, and pollutants from the tissues, fights cancer cells etc.
Our teachers are experienced professionals and direct you in your own exploration of yoga and all are particularly trained to make changes and adjustments for yogis of all levels. Our entire team is devoted and dedicated to your growth and assists, inspire and motivate you to keep growing your practice. Our main focus is on enhancing the quality of your life and health with the help of a variety of classes online and offline.
If looking for hot yoga in Canada, you can easily contact us and we welcome you to drop into any class at any time and avail the benefits. Set your goals and show the world the real and slim you. All levels, abilities, and ages are welcome for this challenge.



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