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Oxygen yoga and fitness focuses on providing hot yoga and fitness classes . We provide different levels for all the exercises, if you are a beginner, start from the first level and one day you will reach the highest level of the exercise.

Our studio is heated using far infrared heaters. The health benefits of which are to improve the immune system, burn calories, improves skin tone, helps in removing cellulite, controlling weight, removal of toxins, relieves pain from sprains, bursitis, arthritis, and rheumatism. Our class is gentle for beginners; we will provide changes to assist you to get into the pose more smoothly. At the end of the class, you will leave feeling renewed, rejuvenated and refreshed.
Our fitness classes offer an intense and challenging array of fusion classes that will push you to your maximum. Using different resistance equipment supervised by our trained instructors, who will guide and encourage you through these classes ensuring proper and safe form is maintained .
If you are searching yoga and Pilates classes near me on the search engine, you will probably get our name at the top. We provide Pilates fusion classes for our customers and we teach Pilates and yoga in our studio. Few benefits of Pilates and Yoga fusion classes are:

• Improves flexibility
• Balanced muscular strength on both sides of body
• Increase muscle strength and tone the hips, lower back and abdominal muscles.
• Gain long lean muscles
• Develop a strong core

From experienced Health enthusiast to the beginner, we want everybody to know the wonderful benefits of exercise and yoga. We provide online classes for those who are not able to join our studio that is why we are known as the best and excellent Yoga and fitness in Canada.



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